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Publicically acknowledged as 'The Peoples Medium', Colin is one of the world’s most renowned mediums, having worked as a Spiritualist Medium, registered healer and tutor for 35 years, 2012 saw Colin become a Spiritualist Minister, now officially known as The Reverend Colin Fry.

Following on from the world wide success of his television series, 'Sixth Sense with Colin Fry', 'Psychic Private Eyes', 'Colin Fry Live' he went on to make a highly acclaimed TV series, 'The Happy Medium' in New Zealand and most recently 'Den Andre Siden’ with Colin Fry in Norway.

Having undertaken intensive international touring, playing at 130-160 theatres worldwide every year, in 2011 it was decided to include more regional theatres allowing fans and followers to see Colin Fry Live, without the need of additional expense to travel to large cities. Although Colin’s unique style of mediumship is inclusive in large auditoriums, within the more intimate theatres he feels that his live demonstrations are more up close and personal.

Colin has undertaken many international tour dates including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Ireland, Finland and other European countries.

Most of Colin’s teaching work is undertaken in Ramsberg Gardens in Sweden, he is currently planning workshops and seminars within the UK and Europe.

In spite of his huge public profile, Colin still finds time to serve numerous spiritualist churches and any such organisation are welcome to contact his management team (see contact details below) to this discuss further.

Having been the Author of four bestselling books, including a ‘Sunday Times Best Seller’, In summer 2012 we will see the release of his long awaited personal Autobiography 'The Happy Medium'
Colin contributes monthly column in ‘Take a Breaks’ ‘Fate & Fortune’ magazine and has recently rejoined as columnist the newly re launched ‘Psychic News'

After a year in development Colin and his partner Mike, launched 'Senses by Colin Fry' an online shop of ethically sourced aromatherapy based products and gift wear with his own skincare Range, ‘Gender’.

Always generous in his ability to work with other mediums, Colin has shared the stage and TV screen with some of the UK's other most acclaimed Mediums, including, Derek Acorah, Tony Stockwell and TJ Higgs.

Like most reputable mediums, Colin is adamant, that no information, letters or photographs are passed to him prior to any performance and further requests that his audience do not write to him giving any details of why they are attending or desired connections. Although invariably in the course of his 35 year career, Colin has given consultations to many famous people and dignitaries, it is his policy, as with all members of the public, this remains totally private and confidential, unless that person wishes to make it public knowledge themselves.

This is what makes Colin Fry, The Peoples Medium.



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